ANTS – Associated Non Technical Skills

ANTS are the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and contribute to safe and efficient task performance. The project will deliver a strategy to promote and integrate ANTS within the industry. 


The 2008 CEO WHS Culture Summit agreed that MSAC is to foster and promote the usefulness of the ANTS.  MSAC established the WHS Culture Working Party (CWP) to oversee activities.  The CWP has overseen an industry engagement strategy, conducted by an independent consultant David Caple and Associates, to establish how ANTS should be fostered and promoted to the industry in NSW.  This included a discussion paper and a number of consultation workshops and face to face feedback with nominated people across industry, unions and T&I NSW.

The project has targeted the key ANTS of situation awareness, leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision making and the findings of this project also feed into the Culture Change project.

ANTS Action Learning program

One of the difficulties in this area is just exactly how to gain greater awareness and proficiencies in ANTS.  There are considered views that more emphasis on ANTS should be made in qualification courses and in undergraduate degrees.  Discussion in relation to this are still underway.  In the meantime, MSAC has endorsed a program that will be rolled-out in 2014 direct to industry - the ANTS Action Learning Program - to establish either a mentoring or self-learning process with interested companies and individuals in the NSW mining and extractives industry. Please click below to download a free copy of the manuals produced for the ANTS Action Learning program.

Train the Coach
Coaching Guide
Facilitators Resource

ANTS Round Table

The MSAC Chairman invited over 70 leaders from industry, education, workers and government agencies to discuss strategies that may contribute to a Road Map for positive actions concerning Associated Non-technical Skills (ANTS).  The Round Table event was held on Thursday 11 April 2013 in Sydney. The aim of the gathering was to set parameters for a Road Map for MSAC to pursue that foster a greater awareness of how ANTS can assist in developing a more mature and resilient safety culture in the industry. Presenters gave delegates a range of views on how non-technical skills can improve safety culture. Click on the person's name to watch their presentation.

  • John Hannaford MSAC Chairman 
  • Hon Chris Hartcher MP, Minister for Resources and Energy
  • Gareth McGraw CASA Safety Management Systems and Human Factors on the importance of ANTS to aviation safety culture in Australia (Slides
  • Mick Cairney General Manager Western Operations, Centennial Coal about ANTS in competency testing and for effective management (Slides)
  • David Ellis SkillsDMC on integrating ANTS into accredited training courses (Slides)
  • Stacie Kendall Trade and Investment NSW Industry Assistance Unit on the benefits to sites that integrate ANTS into workplace learning (Slides)
  • Peter Wilkinson Noetic Risk Solutions Pty Ltd about how ANTS makes good sense in company management and governance terms (Slides)

Delegates discussed practical steps that could form a Road Map for MSAC to pursue that helps foster a greater awareness of how ANTS can assist in developing a more mature and resilient safety culture in the NSW mining and extractives industry.   

Other ANTS Publications and Fact Sheets

To assist the industry since 2010 MSAC has endorsed a number of fact sheets. Please click on any fact sheet below for a copy.

ANTS Factsheet No.1 – A shared commitment to world-leading WHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.2 – Vision for a world-leading WHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.3 – Change to achieve a world-leading WHS culture
ANTS Factsheet No.4 – Capacity building in Associated Non-Technical Skills
ANTS Factsheet No.5 – Situation awareness
ANTS Factsheet No.6 – Decision making
ANTS Factsheet No.7 – Leadership
ANTS Factsheet No.8 – Communication
ANTS Factsheet No.9 – Teamwork

ANTS Discussion Paper (2010)

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