Safety Incentive Schemes

The NSW Wran Review into Mine Safety Review recommended that an independent assessment of production bonus and safety incentive schemes be undertaken.  As a result of this, MSAC commissioned Shaw Idea to undertake research on this and other issues in the NSW mining and extractives industry, now known as the Digging Deeper Project.


If your workplace has a safety incentive scheme it is important that the scheme is reviewed. Safety incentive schemes can have a negative impact on workplace safety if not designed effectively, especially in cases where they could be seen to be penalising staff for reporting injuries. Safety incentive schemes should always reward employees who take positive steps to improve workplace safety at sites.

The Mine Safety Advisory Council requests operators that have a safety incentive scheme in place to undertake a review of their current scheme.

MSAC has revised the tool to review safety incentive schemes to assist the industry in the transition from safety incentive schemes that focus on lag indicators, to schemes that focus on lead indicators. Importantly, in the longer-term, with world-leading WHS performance, safety incentive schemes may no longer be required.

The Tool to review safety incentive schemes in the mining and extractives industry in NSW is a result of extensive consultation and demonstrates the commitment that union and employer stakeholders have to the MSAC partnership.

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